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Bethany Lutheran Church
Saturday, July 24, 2021
Fredericksburg Texas

Bethany Ramp Team



Bethany has created a "Bethany Ramp Team" for The Texas Ramp Project!

Have you ever changed a person’s life in a single day? The Texas Ramp Project does it hundreds of times a year. They build wheelchair ramps for disabled or elderly people who can’t afford to buy one. In a few hours on a Saturday morning, folks are given the freedom to leave their home again – the home where they want to remain but whose steps have imprisoned them. Since incorporating in 2006, the Texas Ramp Project has built more than 4,563 safe, durable ramps across the state. So how can you help? You can help us support them with your time & talent, by joining the Bethany Ramp Team. You can also support them with donations, which they can use to purchase lumber & tools for ramp construction. Or you can support them with your good will, by spreading the word about how the Texas Ramp Project brings freedom to the home bound.

       To create our Ramp Team, Bethany has created a list of people who are willing to help build wheelchair ramps & if they are available on the Saturday morning of a Gillespie County build. We’ll need people that can use a drill & a saw as well as people who can help clean up & provide water breaks to the team, so anyone can join the team.  The month following a build, a team of painters goes back with brushes and rollers and paints non-skid paint on the finished ramp.  

     The Texas Ramp Project (www.texasramps.org) is a non-profit organization that will provide all the training, materials & tools for the team if we can provide the volunteers. You don’t have to commit to every build which might be once a month, but if we have a large list of potential volunteers, we should be able to provide 5-10 workers the next time a Gillespie County needy resident is approved for a ramp. If you are interested in joining the team, please contact Jody Donovan (997-4763) or jodydonovan06@hotmail.com and provide him with your name & email address so that you will be notified when the building day comes.  If you want to refer someone in need of a ramp, please visit www.texasramps.org and click on the San Antonio area and then the referral page to submit an application.

Below are pictures from our first ramp build for Mary Lou J.  She was so thankful to her "Angels with Hammers" that she called her pastor and told him she was leaving his congregation and coming to Bethany...jokingly.
Special thanks to The Keener's, The Holland's and The Williamson's
for being available on such short notice on May 1, 2014.  from Jody Donovan
Mary Lou is happy to be out of her home again!